This project aim to be an intervention in a socioeconomic context, with a focus on positive development. It is about new strategies for the economy of small and medium size producers in Yogyakarta (Indonesia) through the designer intervention. It is about the interrelations between local craft production and design for the developing. Moreover it has a focus on local natural fiber used in the production of goods.

It aim to be a materialization of the direction that FAO and other agency suggested for the economical growth of farmer and small producer in the South east Asian country. 
I Intend to promote the use of local and sustainable resources, the non wood forest products (NWFP). The idea is to create a democratic network with local actors in order to improve the engagement in product design development for under exploitation materials, which belong to the territory and the tradition: coir, banana bark, rami, pandanus, ijuk, etc.
The use of these natural fiber in producing items, could lead to a positive implementation 
of the local production with an attention for the export.

Natural fiber had seen in the past decades a depletion of their market. The cause was the substitution of natural fiber with plastic derivates. However now a global market shows a new interest for natural products and a new attention for environmental issues. Tropical country as Indonesia could take advantage of these new trends. Due to its climate, Java has abundance of plant-related resource. Therefore this is a great opportunity for local manufacture and local farmer to increase their production, and so their life quality.
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