Young professional designer with deep understanding of global design trends. 
Born in Italy, 7 March 1990, Luca developed his professional skill before graduating as Bachelor from Design and Art of Free University of Bolzano, Italy (2015). He has worked as Designer for Cooperatives in North-East, India, and Cooperative CLAB, Bolzano, Italy.
Luca also worked as designer at Kosta Boda, Sweden. His product design was highlighted as the 1st Prize Kosta Boda Design Award in 2017. 
Luca gained his creative design thinking through experiences. Travels abroad made it possible to explore potential materials and chase an experimental craft design project. Driven by interest for traditional ceramic craft, he took the Erasmus Exchange Program (2013-2014) in the Ceramic and Glass Design Department of “Escola Superior de Artes e Design” (ESAD), Polytechnic Institute of Leiria in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal. Beside the main program, Luca also improved his knowledge about Glass Making at CENCAL Portugal (European Training Center for Ceramic and Glass Manufacturing).
He graduated from HDK Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Design and conducted research about non-wood forest product as boundary object to engage in the local manufacturing (2018) in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Then, he was trusted as Product and Design Development Manager at PT IGP International, where he worked with local crafters within a national and international network. 
Luca believes that the whole design production involved in a reasoned development of local identities will be able to take part in the global scenario. 
He established ‘the KUNDHI craft and design studio’, based in Italy and Indonesia, to explore the magnificence of creativity across culture. 

2016-2018 | Master of Fine Art in design, Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk (HDK), “Gothenburg University”, Gothenburg, Sweden
2009-2015 | Bachelor in Design and Art, Free University of Bozen, Italy (Three Languages International University)
2020 | Nominated in Bamboo Rush design contest,  Bamboo Rush 2020
2017 | 1st Prize Kosta Boda Design Award 
2017 | Participant in New Companionship exhibitionGothenburg Design Festival
2013,2014 & 2017 |Participant in Come on Kids Design Festival conducted at “Free University of Bozen” (Bozen), La Triennale (Milan) and Fondazione Querini Stampalia (Venice), Italy
2013 | 1st Prize in Fair Trend Design Contest, Italy
2019 | Founder, Kundhi Craft & Studio, Italy and Indonesia. 
2018-2019 | Manager of Product Design and Development,  PT IGP International, Indonesia
2017-2018 |Handicraft and Manufacture Consultant / Product Designer, PT IGP International, Indonesia
2017-2018 |Product Designer, Kosta Boda, Sweden
2015 |Designer, Cooperative CLAB, Bozen, Italy
2014-2015 | Communication Designer, Communication Department of Free University of Bozen, Italy
2013 | Product Design Consultant for Cooperatives in North-East India, Altromercato, Italy
2013-2014 | Erasmus Exchange Program in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, at the Department of Product Design and the Department of  Ceramic and Glass Design of “Escola Superior de Artes e Design” (ESAD), Polytechnic Institute of Leiria
2014 | Training in “Craft Glass Technologies” in Marinha Grande, Portugal, at  “Centro de Formação Profissional para a Indústria Cerâmica” (CENCAL-European Training Center for Ceramic and Glass Manufacturing)